Parking & accessibility

With parking in Altrincham town centre very much in the spotlight following increased parking charges in council car parks earlier this year, and potential reduced capacity due to a number of new developments, Altrincham Unlimited is focusing on solutions to maintain accessibility to the town centre for visitors and workers.

In February 2017, BID Manager Katie Bland and BID Chair Martin Duff met with Nick and James Payne from Altair developers Nikal to clarify the implications for public parking in the planning application for Phase 2 of Altair, on what is currently Oldfield Road car park (between the Ice Rink and Leisure Centre). Following this Nikal commissioned and completed a detailed survey of car parking across Altrincham to gain a clearer picture of capacity and occupancy across the town centre.

A subsequent meeting took place in March with Graham Brady MP and Councillor Michael Young to communicate concerns from Altrincham BID businesses about the increase in parking charges, to find out more about the timing of development proposals for both Regent Road and Oldfield Road car parks and any disruption associated with these and to emphasise the need for a joined-up approach to all proposals potentially affecting car parking capacity in Altrincham.

Following this, more work has been done by Trafford Council to further consider the overall impact of the development of Regent Road and Oakfield Road car parks, and to look at how this can best be coordinated to minimise disruption.

Altrincham Unlimited has requested a further meeting of key stakeholders to take place on Tuesday 30th May at Trafford Town Hall. Attendees will include members of the BID Board, Altrincham ward local councillors, Trafford Council senior management, Nikal and Citybranch (developers of Oakfield Road and Regent Road car parks), representatives from Altrincham town centre businesses, private car park owners, representatives of the Altrincham Business Neighbourhood Plan and a senior representative from TfGM. The aim of the meeting is to look at ways in which the impact of any temporarily reduce parking capacity can be mitigated to form a cohesive plan to achieve this while development works are taking place. The need for a longer-term strategic approach to parking provision in Altrincham will also be emphasised.

In the meantime, Altrincham Unlimited has been seeking out additional car parking options for town centre workers, and has recently secured 20 low-cost contract spaces at St Margaret’s Church on Dunham Road, available to BID businesses on a first come, first served basis.

Katie Bland, BID Manager for Altrincham Unlimited said:

“There is no doubt that the cost and availability of parking in Altrincham town centre is a major concern for BID levy payers, both in terms of the potential effect on visitors to the town, and its impact on staff and residents, and we are keen to ensure that these concerns are listened to and taken on board.

With substantial new developments in the pipeline, in many ways this is an exciting time for Altrincham town centre, but adequate public parking space is key to a successful town, and we need to make sure that this is properly provided for as new developments are planned and come on stream.

The meeting on 30th May presents a real opportunity to get all the key players around the table to start to put in place a clear, strategic plan for parking and accessibility in Altrincham to serve a resurgent, growing town.”

Updated 23 May 2017

Parking & accessibility
Oakfield Road car park, proposed location for Phase 2 of Altair development