HR and Employment Law Essentials - Fully Funded Half Day Seminar

Wednesday 2 May, 2018 @ 9:00am - 1:00pm
HR and Employment Law Essentials - Fully Funded Half Day Seminar

This FREE half day event will provide broad, practical advice and tips on employment issues, that any
business owner, line manager or person responsible for HR needs to be aware of:

• An overview of what you legally need to be aware of when you employ staff – employment law is
complex; ignorance will be no defence if you receive an employment tribunal claim.

• ‘Self-employed, worker or employee?’ – it’s not an employer’s choice to determine whether
somebody is self-employed; the status is based on what happens in practice. Understand how this
works and what the risk is of getting it wrong. Especially important for those using people on a selfemployed basis, where there may be risk.

• ‘Helping out’ - people who ‘help out’ on a casual basis are likely to have rights – do you know what
they are and could you be at risk?

• Holidays – are you aware of statutory rights for holiday entitlement and how to calculate, especially
for part time, casual and zero hours staff?

• Discrimination risks – are you aware of where you may face risk at any stage when employing people,
from recruitment through to dismissal and how to avoid claims?

• Disciplinary and Grievance – understanding capability v conduct, how to discipline staff and deal
with issues that could be grievances.

• Managing Absence including sickness and what rights employees have to statutory time off e.g.
maternity, paternity, emergency dependant leave and rights to request flexible working.

• Uniform or stipulating clothing - if you require your staff to wear a uniform or instruct to wear e.g.
black trousers – you may be in breach of contract for underpayment of National Minimum/Living Wage
in how you do this. Many employers are getting caught out – learn how not to be one of them.

• Working Hours & Breaks – do you know what the law is on Sunday shop working & employees’ rights?
Are you complying with breaks and the different legal requirements for anybody aged under 18?

• What the costs could be of ‘getting it wrong’ if you receive an Employment Tribunal claim

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