SUBS Building Your Business on a Budget

Friday 12 January, 2018 @ 8:00am - 10:00am
SUBS Building Your Business on a Budget

When running a business, every penny and every second counts. But deciding which services to outsource and which to do yourself is a time-money balancing act.

Luckily for us, new technology is constantly coming out that makes it easier to run your business more professionally and more efficiently than ever before. And, if you consider time a resource, then anything that makes us more productive must be a good thing – right?

We’ve been looking at a range of Freemium and low-cost tools for businesses. From getting more from your social media to invoicing your clients and everything in-between. It’s the SUBS version of the January sales!

Sign up for this, the first seminar of the year where we’ll be presenting our best finds to help you save money. And we’ll be looking for top tips from the audience to find out your favourite money supersavers.

As always, there will be a chance to network with other savvy businesses before and after the seminar.