Added 1 Nov 2018

Sales Assistant

Warrens Bakery

SETTING UP SHOP – the early shift Its a 6am start for the two team members working ‘an early’. Several drive, others walk and some rely on public transport. Lights on, oven pre-heating, aprons tied – time to set up for another day at Warrens Bakery in Altrincham.

There are two main roles in the morning, the baker and the cake decorator.

The baker will tray up tasty pasties, delicious breakfast items (our sausages are very tasty) and our beautiful artisan bread. Once items are baked, the savoury window display is completed and the hot counter filled, with a large range of tempting varieties of Cornish pasties and other savoury goodies. Everything is carefully labelled for a perfect customer experience.

Meanwhile the cake decorator will take care of our sweet treats. Sugaring delectable doughnuts, icing beautiful buns and creating a visual display that no passer by will be able to resist. Biscuits and tray bakes are defrosted with seasonal items baked as required.

Once the flags are out and the door is open, all focus is now on the customer. We have many regulars but always look out for those unaware of the warmth of the Warrens welcome. Our seating area is very popular with both families, couples and business people (free WIFI of course!). Wheelchair users really appreciate our easy access. We have an array of deals that we can offer our customers and we all aim to create the perfect experience for everyone.

There are a range of hot beverages to be served alongside bacon or sausage rolls, toast and of course a pasty (yes, there is a breakfast pasty). The shift continues with tables being cleared, all displays updated and sampling outside the shop. The baker will prepare for a second bake which will takes us through a busy lunchtime and beyond.

Time flies as colleagues for the ‘late’ arrive and a well earned break is taken. At our peak period, all four team members will work effortlessly to create an efficient and enthusiastic working environment. Driving sales with friendly customer service, always going the extra mile so that customers not only comeback but also tell everyone else to come too.

As the team on lates, stagger their break, we continue to serve customers and keep all displays looking fresh. Where possible cleaning commences to help our colleagues get ahead. Suddenly its three o’clock, time to head home after another hectic day at our Bakery.

SWINGING INTO ACTION – the late shift

The late shift commences at 10 o’clock when the displays are bountiful and the shop is already bustling. Heading in wearing shades, an umbrella or wrapped in a cosy scarf, the scene is set and its all about swinging into action for another day at Warren’s Bakery in Altrincham.

One of the tasks of this shift is to make all our fresh sandwiches, which are very unique and popular. From doorsteps to paninis, tiger baps and baguettes there is something for everyone, especially those that appreciate freshly made. The whole process ends with a clean down and our deli fridge bursting with irresistable sandwiches, all labelled for a perfect customer experience.

Once breaks are covered, ongoing displays are checked and updated. Tables cleared and cleaned, crockery and cutlery washed: in situ. All customers are acknowledged with a friendly smile and greeting. Our attention to detail and appreciation of everyone that passes our open door can never be over stated.

Our seating area is very adaptable with a perfect mix of high stools, low armchairs and booth style seats. Customers can easily change the seating plan to the size of their party. This means it is ideal for families with small children in buggies and wheelchair users, who also appreciate the easy access into our shop. Cleanliness is vitally important.

At our peak period, all four team members will work effortlessly to create an efficient and enthusiastic working environment. Meal deals and other offers driving sales with friendly and helpful customer service. We strive to give our customers the best possible experience. Be it outside offering delicious samples, at the cake display recommending a tray bake or informing a new visitor of our extensive range of delicious cornish pasties and other savoury goods.

Before the early shift leave, it is time for a well earned break, then ready for the winding down of the shop. There are various cleaning tasks required of these team members, all of which can be achieved while still concentrating on providing perfect customer service. Window displays cleared and cleaned. Fridges, coffee machine and other equipment getting the appropriate attention. Everything is left spotless. After closing time, floors are mopped and the hot counter deep cleaned. Cashing up, lights off, shutters closed and alarm set. Head home at 18.30 after another busy day at our Bakery.