20p parking back in Altrincham following year of lobbying by BID

20 Feb 2018

Trafford Council's draft budget for 2018-19 has been published and reveals plans to slash parking charges for council-owned car parks and on-street parking in Altrincham town centre.

This follows a year of lobbying on behalf of town centre businesses by the Altrincham Business Improvement District (BID) Board and Team, in the form of meetings with council representatives, analysis of usage and revenue data and a detailed proposal of alternative pricing options, much of which has been adopted in the draft budget.

New parking prices are proposed to start at 20p for 30 minutes (currently 70p) up to £5 for full day parking (currently £7). New durations of 1 hour (£1) and 1 hour 30 minutes (£1.50) have also been introduced. The revised rates will apply to all on-street parking and council-owned car parks across Trafford.

Martin Duff, Chair of the Altrincham BID Board said:

'Since steep rises in parking prices were announced at the end of 2016, Altrincham BID has been in dialogue with Trafford Council to challenge the increases.

"The Board has expressed concerns about the impact of high parking charges on visitor numbers and dwell time and the risk this could pose to Altrincham's ongoing recovery. We have also made representations on behalf of workers struggling with high all-day parking charges and residents affected by vehicles blocking streets and driveways on the circumference of the town centre.

"The ability to lobby with a strong voice for all businesses is a huge advantage of a BID, and we have used it to full effect on this issue. Assuming the draft budget is passed, lower parking prices will benefit workers, residents and visitors and support the continued resurgence of Altrincham that we all want to see."

"We thank the Council for their willingness to listen to and work with Altrincham BID on this issue."