EatsMeatsWest expands with new Chinese restaurant concept launching in Altrincham

29 Aug 2018

Independent Manchester operators EatsMeatsWest will be launching a new Casual Dining Chinese restaurant in the heart of Altrincham, offering to the community their take of Chinese food with great hospitality.

WowYauChow will offer a diverse menu of British Chinese favourites and Chinese street food, combining this with great craft beers and fun cocktails.

EatsMeatsWest currently run two restaurants with their Meat themed “MeatShack” concept, aptly named as “CockaDoodleMoo” based in Rochdale and Stockport, enjoying a great loyal following in and around those areas.

Founder and MD, Henry Yau has for a long time harboured a mission of launching his individual take on a Chinese concept, and has been working hard behind the scenes to bring WowYauChow to life.

The story of WowYauChow is one of great authenticity as Henry and Sam Coong, the WowYauChow Executive Chef, have both come from a long line of family run Chinese eateries, and with this latest project they have both enjoyed exploring their roots and embarking on the next stage of their journey with Chinese food.

When asked about why he chose to launch the new concept in Altrincham, Henry states ‘I was born in Hong Kong, and having been raised in England since I was 5, Manchester is where my heart and home is. Altrincham is simply a fantastic suburb of Manchester with a diverse population, enjoying a great range of independent and branded eateries and drinking places, so we thought this would be the perfect place for us launch our new concept and we can’t wait to be part of the Altrincham community.

As with our CockaDoodleMoo followers, our new WowYauChow followers can expect more of the same, a relaxed and welcoming venue offering honest, tasty comforting food with great hospitality.

WowYauChow welcomes everyone to enjoy a casual dining experience with us, serving up British Chinese favourites whilst introducing Chinese street food to the menu.

We are very serious about our food and service, but as our name suggests, we also have a playful side too! Our followers are everything to us, and with our new restaurant, we hope to share in the making of some great memories and put lots of smiles on the faces of those in and around Altrincham.