The Ice Rink - the coolest place to visit this Summer

20 Jul 2018

We've recently seen the hottest recorded day so far across the UK since the heatwave of 1976.

The UK’s largest ice skating brand Planet Ice has seen an increase in attendance unprecedented at this time of year due to people looking to escape the sun and cool down with the family.

Chief Operations Officer, Heath Rhodes, commented "Normally at this time of year we have to work hard to get the customer to come ice skating as families take advantage of what bit of summer we normally have and choose more outdoor pursuits in their free time. These last few weekends our managers are reporting a sharp increase in public ice skating due to people looking for things to do that give them a break from the sun".

The Ice Rink - the coolest place to visit this Summer

Britain’s longest heatwave in five years looks to continue well into August.

The Met Office said Sunday 8th July was the hottest day in England this year, with Altrincham soaring above 26.0C - but Simon McGuinness, general manager at Planet Ice Altrincham, was amazed to see the attendance over the weekend was a noticeable increase on previous years.

Whilst temperatures this week will probably continue to rise, the average ice rink temperature is kept at a cool 4.0C. This is what is making the ice rink environment so favourable to people not used to the continuous high temperatures but still looking for things to do with the family.