Reducing Business Costs with Meercat Associates

Reducing Business Costs with Meercat Associates

During the pre-BID ballot consultation in 2015, Altrincham businesses told us that reducing business costs was their number one priority, so one of Altrincham BID's projects has been to put in place a joint procurement scheme to save businesses money.

Having researched several models, the BID selected procurement specialists Meercat Associates to run this project for Altrincham businesses. Meercat's BID Buying Group has already worked with a number of established BIDs across the UK, and have used their immense buying power to identify savings of over £2 million for BID levy-payers on costs including utilities and waste management. 

Altrincham BID's collaboration with Meercat Associates has seen fantastic results. Members of the Meercat team use quick 30-minute meetings to look at what businesses are currently paying for services such as gas, electricity, telecoms, merchant fees, safety testing and water.  

Total savings of over £182,000 have been identified for BID businesses. 

Grapevine Computers on Greenwood Street met with Meercat Associates and as a result have made significant savings on energy costs, with further savings identified for merchant fees and telecoms.

Richard Kiel, Managing Director said

"Meercat provided us with an excellent service. It was such a simple process and following a ten minute meeting they managed to save us over a £1,000 on our energy bills - far more than the Bid Levy itself! Highly recommended! Thank you Meercat!"

Meercat have also realised savings for solicitors McHale & Co. Philippa Wright, Managing Director, said:

“Having already saved £980 on our annual electricity bill I’m looking forward to working with Meercat on savings for our other utility bills as they made the process so simple and pain free."

Meercat Associate's services are open to all BID-levy paying businesses in Altrincham town centre, and all businesses are encouraged to take up the offer of a 30-minute meeting to see what savings can be made. 

The beauty of the service is that it is NOT commission-based. Meercat will identify potential savings for each business, and the business can then either choose to change providers, or use the information to renegotiate with current providers. Either way there is potential for significant savings for the business with minimum effort.

Randalls Jewellers met with Meercat in January 2017, and were delighted to more than recoup their BID levy after one 10-minute meeting. Owner Martin Duff said

"Meercat saved me more than my BID levy! I had a five minute meeting with Meercat, showed them my current bills and they came back to me the same day with over £500 saving on electricity and over £1,000 on our credit card costs!”

Land Law solicitors on Market Street has also taken advantage reducing costs with Meercat. Gill Hayhurst, Practice Manager said:

“The Meercat experience was very quick and simple. Passed them copies of our utility and telephone bills and they came back with savings well in excess of our bid levy fee. They did all the work and we gained the benefit”.

To book an appointment with the Meercat team call 01444 416529 and for more details, download the Reducing Business Costs brochure here