Q: How do I know my money is being spent wisely?

Altrincham BID is accountable to its levy paying businesses and is governed by a business-led Board. It will publish an annual review and have annual audited accounts. Altrincham BID will conduct a mid-term review at the beginning of year three to assess the effectiveness and appropriateness of the projects.

Q: Isn’t the Council supposed to deliver these kinds of projects?

The Council has a statutory obligation to deliver cleaning and maintenance services in Altrincham town centre. All projects developed by Altrincham BID are over and above these baseline services. One function of Altrincham BID is to provide scrutiny of Council services and to make sure their obligations are fully met in these areas. The Council and their joint venture partner Amey are represented on both the BID Board and Advisory Groups, to enable the BID to work with them as effectively as possible.
Q: How can I get more involved in the BID?

There are several ways you can get involved; as a member of one of the Advisory Groups, as a Board member or if you have a particular area of expertise relevant to a specific BID project or activity, to provide specialist input. Contact Rachel Taylor on 0161 924 2241 or email info@altrinchambid.co.uk for more details.

Q: I am liable for the BID levy – does that automatically make me a BID Member?

No – you need to register separately to become a BID Member. All BID levy payers have the right to become a BID Company Member at no cost, which then gives you the opportunity to vote on company issues at the Annual General Meeting.

All BID levy payers, regardless of whether they sign up to be a Member of the BID company or not, receive regular, up to date information from the Altrincham BID team and are encouraged to take part in BID activities.

To become a BID member please download the Membership Form.

Q: My business is located outside the BID area – can I still get involved?

Yes – voluntary membership is available for businesses outside the BID area. Please contact the BID team on  0161 924 2239  or email info@altrinchamunlimited.co.uk for more details.