Altrincham Unlimited Fund Specialist Town Centre Deep Clean

7 Oct 2018

Altrincham Unlimited, Altrincham’s Business Improvement District (The BID) is funding a programme of specialist steam deep cleaning of areas throughout Altrincham town centre over the next few months. 

The specialist cleaning started on Sunday 7th October and included Shaws Road from Monkhouse all the way down to Tim Hortons on Cross Street. The specialist contractors will be using hot pressure washing and surface cleaning to remove chewing gum, food & drink stains, organic growth and general dirt from the paved areas.  This stretch of deep cleaning will be completed by Tuesday 9th October and will start a rolling programme of specialist cleaning throughout the town.  Parts of Railway Street are next to be prioritised and the BID board will agree the next areas over the coming months.

Martin Duff, Deputy Chair of Altrincham’s BID Board, explains, “The businesses we represent in the BID area tell us that street cleanliness is of upmost importance to them and particularly after a long hot summer it was clear that parts town were crying out for a specialist intensive clean. This is not a one-off project and eventually will be rolled out across the town”.

To give your feedback on any aspects of the specialist cleaning programme that the BID is starting please contact